Editing Academic Articles

You want your paper to be as polished as possible. You should only send in your article when you are sure that the English is flawless. When your proposal is written well, its chances of acceptance are significantly higher.
This is what I do:
  • Double- and triple-checking for grammatical and spelling errors
  • Ensuring the claims are well argued and the lines of reasoning are logical
  • Using consistent terminology
  • Building reliable document templates
  • Simplifying convoluted writing; for example, the company profile below
  • Enhancing the content; for example, the brochure below

Don’t waste time. Let me write it right for you!

 When it arrived on my desk, it looked dry and uninteresting:


I quickly turned it into a two-page brochure that clearly outlines the main points and directs the reader to the important information:

After, Page 1
After, Page 2


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