Words Plus

Anne has vast experience in creating guides and editing papers; in fact, in crafting words in all different forms:

The screenshot immediately below shows a company profile that I wrote for Soflex.

Company profile




Following is the suggested text for a brochure for IBM. When it arrived on my desk, it looked dry and uninteresting (I have captioned it “Before”). I quickly turned it into a brochure that clearly outlines the main points and directs the reader to the important information (with the caption “After”).



Anne is a talented, versatile technical communicator who learns subject matter quickly and produces top-notch deliverables with great efficiency. She is attentive and responsive to client needs. In order to provide the best solution for each communication challenge, she keeps herself at the forefront of technical communication techniques and media as they evolve. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a world-class technical communicator.
Tina O.