Words Plus

Anne has vast experience in creating guides and editing papers; in fact, in crafting words in all different forms:

The screenshot immediately below shows a company profile that I wrote for Soflex.

Company profile




Following is the suggested text for a brochure for IBM. When it arrived on my desk, it looked dry and uninteresting (I have captioned it “Before”). I quickly turned it into a brochure that clearly outlines the main points and directs the reader to the important information (with the caption “After”).



It is always a pleasure to work with Anne. She was a de facto on-call member of our development team for several years, responsible for writing our entire on-line HTML help system. Whenever we needed her, she was quick to respond. She played extensively with the application herself, as if she was a tester, and occasionally gave us helpful advice that improved the overall usability of the application. She doesn’t just document software features, but answers the questions that the user asks.
Yoav R.