I am an experienced technical writer and editor, covering a wide range of products and fields. My academic background in computing and my experience in programming and teaching computer skills unlock a deep understanding of the subject matter I encounter. After working in-house for large corporations (Intel, IBM) and tiny startups, I decided to go freelance in 2002.

Despite having moved to Israel many years ago, my Australian accent is obvious. My husband and I live in a community in the north of the country, and are parents to three boys.


  • Proficient in the engineer’s language (B. App. Sci. degree in computing)
  • Many years’ experience in technical writing and other forms of communication
  • Super-fast, reliable, and accurate
  • Self-motivated and project-oriented, whether independently or with a team
  • Excellent at coordinating large projects
  • Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously


  • English language expert
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint expert
  • Online Help systems
  • Fluent Hebrew
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